Saturday, 23 September 2017

Top Five General CV Mistakes

Our CV is what represents us when we apply for an all-important job; it's the first things that our (hopefully) future employers will see to create an impression about us. This article gives knowledge about the kind of mistakes to avoid the kind of mistakes to avoid while writing a CV so that no one has to sell themselves short.

Improper layout and proof mistakes
   A lot of applicants design their CV in Photoshop and that too with inappropriate and inconsistent font, size and colour. Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are big no on your CV; word processors help with these. These are one of first things that employers notice, and they come off as red flag.

A long or too short CV
   A CV should not be too wordy or too brief; you need to create that right balance. It should incorporate all important milestones but it doesn't need to go on for pages; keep thing short and sweet.

Putting in incorrect contact information
   Applicants who forget to mention their contact details or end up writing them incorrectly then how an employer contact you properly for an interview. So, don't forget to mention your correct contact information.

Vague Career objective
   Your career objective is one of the strongest points of a CV. You need to highlight your career aspirations in a quantitative way so that the employers can easily shortlist your CV for the role.

Highlighting irrelevant aspects
   Your CV should be tailor-made for each role. A lot of the applicants highlight their skills and expertise that may not be relates to the role that they are applying for. Therefore, read the vacancy announcement carefully and modify your CV accordingly.

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